Yutana Jewajinda

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This paper presents a cellular compact genetic algorithm (CCGA) for evolvable and adaptive hardware. The CCGA has cellular-like structure which is suitable for hardware implementation. The CCGA is developed from compact genetic algorithm (CGA) and parallel estimation of distribution algorithm (EDA). The concept and algorithm of the CCGA are presented. The(More)
This paper presents a parallel genetic algorithm (GA) called the cellular compact genetic algorithm (c-cGA) and its implementation for adaptive hardware. An adaptive hardware based on the c-cGA is proposed to automate real-time classification of ECG signals. The c-cGA not only provides a strong search capability while maintaining genetic diversity using(More)
This paper pr esents a har dwar e implementation of evolvable block-based neur al networ k (BBNN) amd a kind of EDAs called cellular compact genetic algor ithm (CCGA) in FPGA. The CCGA and BBNN have cellular-like and ar r ay-like str uctur es which ar e suitable for har dwar e implementation. The implemented har dwar e demonstr ates the completely intr(More)
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