Yutaka Yoshinaga

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Adult retinal stem cells represent a possible cell source for the treatment of retinal degeneration. However, only a small number of stem cells reside in the ciliary margin. The present study aimed to promote the proliferation of adult retinal stem cells via the Wnt signaling pathway. Ciliary margin cells from 8-week-old mice were dissociated and cultured(More)
Neuronal progenitor cells able to produce new neuron and glia persist in the adult central nervous system (CNS). Their proliferation is up-regulated by growth factors or cytokines under some pathological conditions, including ischemia. Because sodium orthovanadate (SOV), a protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor, can up-regulate tyrosine kinase-linked growth(More)
We examined the phosphorylation state of tau factor in hippocampal delayed neuronal death (DND) after transient forebrain ischemia. A transient phosphorylation increase at serine 199/202 but not serine 396 of tau factor after transient ischemia was clearly observed. Intraventricular injections of olomoucine and U-0126 (CDK5 and MAP kinase inhibitors,(More)
The effects of Wnt signaling on neural progenitor cells have been controversial. Activation of the canonical Wnt signaling pathway either promotes neural progenitor cell proliferation or accelerates their differentiation into postmitotic neurons. This study demonstrates that activation of the Wnt signaling pathway by itself induces neural progenitor cell(More)
The originally proposed structure of astakolactin was revised, and an asymmetric total synthesis of the newly proposed structure was achieved. The key transformations in the synthesis were a Johnson-Claisen rearrangement, an asymmetric Mukaiyama aldol reaction, and a Mitsunobu-type cyclodehydration. The spectroscopic data and specific rotation of the(More)
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