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This paper describes circuit design and measurement results of a bipolar field-effect transistor monolithic microwave integrated circuit power amplifier (PA) module operating with a 2.5-V low reference voltage (<i>V</i><sub>ref</sub>) and a 2.8-V low collector supply voltage (<i>V</i><sub>cc</sub>). While covering 824-925-MHz broadband CDMA operation at 2.8(More)
SUMMARY We have demonstrated the single-chip RF front-end GaAs MMIC for the Japanese Personal Handy-phone System. It has a high efficiency HPA, a T/R switch, a LNA and a low-distortion down converter mixer. The IC employs a negative voltage generator for use of single voltage DC power supply. The HPA provides an output power of 21.5 dBm, with an ACPR of −55(More)
A high efficiency and very low voltage operation MMIC using planar self-aligned gate (SAG) FET has been developed for the 1.9 GHz Japanese Personal Handy Phone System (PHS). The MMIC integrates a power amplifier (PA), a low noise amplifier (LNA), a T/R switch (SW) and a negative voltage generator (NVG). The MMIC exhibited high power added efficiency of 39%(More)
ditionally integrated are a newly designed voltage doubler-negative voltage generator (VDNVG) and a control logic circuit to control transmit and receive functions. The chip is capable of delivering 21-dBm output power at 39% efficiency with 2-V single power supply in transmit mode. By utilizing up-voltage and negative voltages generated from the generator,(More)
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