Yutaka Uehara

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We have identified an unusual potential dual Akt/protein kinase B consensus phosphorylation motif in the protein Synip (RxKxRS(97)xS(99)). Surprisingly, serine 97 is not appreciably phosphorylated, whereas serine 99 is only a specific substrate for Akt2 but not Akt1 or Akt3. Although wild-type Synip (WT-Synip) undergoes an insulin-stimulated dissociation(More)
To determine the downstream signaling pathways regulated by betacellulin (BTC) in comparison with epidermal growth factor (EGF), we used Chinese hamster ovary cells overexpressing the human EGF receptor (ErbB1/EGFR). The overall time-dependent activation of EGFR autophosphorylation was identical in cells treated with 1 nm BTC or 1.5 nm EGF. Analysis of(More)
Insulin stimulation results in the activation of cyclin-dependent kinase-5 (CDK5) in lipid raft domains via a Fyn-dependent phosphorylation on tyrosine residue 15. In turn, activated CDK5 phosphorylates the Rho family GTP-binding protein TC10alpha on threonine 197 that is sensitive to the CDK5 inhibitor olomoucine and blocked by small interfering(More)
The signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) is considered to be an attractive therapeutic target for oncology drug development. We identified a N-[2-(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)]-4-quinolinecarboxamide derivative, STX-0119, as a novel STAT3 dimerization inhibitor by a virtual screen using a customized version of the DOCK4 program with the crystal(More)
High-fat diets cause peripheral leptin resistance, and dietary lipid composition affects sensitivity to leptin. We examined the role of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) in peripheral leptin resistance. Dietary PUFAs (0.4% wt/wt) caused insensitivity to peripherally but not intracerebroventricularly administered leptin. n-3 PUFA increased body weight,(More)
Withdrawal of estrogen by ovariectomy increases adiposity, but decreases the circulating levels of the ob gene product, leptin, which inhibits food intake. The reduction of circulating leptin levels may thus play an important role in the induction of obesity by ovariectomy. To examine this hypothesis, body weight change by ovariectomy was investigated in(More)
We report the kindred with familial isolated hyperparathyroidism with parathyroid cancer. The proband was diagnosed as having primary hyperparathyroidism at age 43. The same disorder was also found in his daughter who had low bone mass. His son was found to have primary hyperparathyroidism by family screening. The pathological diagnosis of the resected(More)
Constitutive activation of the oncogenic transcription factor STAT3 frequently occurs in various human malignancies. STAT3 activation involves dimerization via intermolecular pTyr-SH2 interaction. Thus, antagonizing this interaction is a feasible approach to inhibit STAT3 activation for cancer therapy. In order to identify selective STAT3 inhibitors, we(More)
Concentrations of the soluble leptin receptor (sOB-R) may be related to leptin resistance in obesity. We measured sOB-R concentrations in serum in 103 non-diabetic Japanese men and women. All subjects were grouped according to body mass index (BMI; in kg/m(2)). Serum sOB-R concentrations did not differ significantly between normal-weight (18.5 < or = BMI <(More)
Previously we identified an unusual potential dual Akt/protein kinase B consensus phosphorylation motif in the protein Synip (RxKxRS(97)xS(99)) with serine 99 as a unique Akt2, but not Akt1 or for Akt3, substrate phosphorylation site. Although we have previously reported that serine 99 to phenylalanine (S99F-Synip) resulted in a constitutive inhibition of(More)