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The differential pressure sensors are used for various applications. In this work, a piezoelectric differential pressure sensor using an aluminum nitride (AlN) thin film cantilever is proposed to achieve high sensitivity and low power consumption. The dimensions of the cantilever are 1500 μm × 1000 μm × 2 μm. The proposed(More)
Fe(III), Cu(II), Co(III), and Mn(III) complexes of ovo- and human serum transferrins show resonance enhanced Raman bands near 1600, 1500, 1270, and 1170 cm-1 upon excitation with laser frequencies which fall within the visible absorption bands of those metalloproteins. Comparison of the visible absorption and resonance Raman spectra of the(More)
Power management technology is a fundamental issue in wireless sensor network. In this paper, we propose a concept of a piezoelectric flow sensor for a wake-up switch of a wireless sensor node to reduce the power consumption. The sensor detects air flow change surrounding the wireless sensor node by using a cantilever with Pb(Zr, Ti)O<sub>3</sub> (PZT) thin(More)