Yutaka Shishikura

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BACKGROUND Viral infections are a major cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations. Toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) reacts with double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) and participates in the immune response after viral infection. In the present study, we examined whether cigarette smoke, which is involved in the pathogenesis of COPD, enhances(More)
A 30-year-old woman who had until recently been healthy, was transferred to our hospital by ambulance with complaints of dyspnea and pain in both lower limbs. She had 1-week history of sore throat, fever and cough. She had been to a neighboring clinic three days previously, and had been prescribed some medication for bronchitis, but her symptoms had not(More)
A case of endovascular papillary angioendothelioma-like tumour associated with lymphoedema is described. Microscopically, the tumour was composed of anastomosing vascular channels, some of which contained papillary projections, producing tuft-like or glomeruloid appearances. The dermis also showed moderate lymphoedema and lymphocytic infiltrate. The tumour(More)
We experienced two cases of pulmonary aspergillosis, which deteriorated during treatment with generic itraconazole (ITCZ) because of low plasma concentration. One case was chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and the other was allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA). Treatment of both cases was started with a brand-name-ITCZ, and changed to a generic(More)
BACKGROUND In response to tissue damage or inflammation, adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) is released into the extracellular compartment and has been demonstrated to augment inflammation via purinergic P2 receptors (P2Rs). Recently, ATP has been shown to be increased in the airways of COPD patients. In the present study, we examined the possible involvement(More)
The incidence of small renal cell carcinomas (RCC) has increased recently as diagnostic imaging techniques have improved. The indications for partial nephrectomy for small RCC confined to the kidney are still controversial. Ninety-seven small RCC 2.5 cm or smaller, including incidental, occult, and dialysis associated carcinomas obtained at surgery or(More)
Seven cases of genito-urinary malacoplakia were analyzed histologically, ultrastructurally and immunohistochemically in a comparison with two cases of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis. Immunohistochemically, von Hansemann cells and Michaelis-Guttmann bodies, both hallmarks for the diagnosis of malacoplakia, showed a common antigenicity for(More)
BACKGROUND Oxidative stress is a major aetiological factor driving chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Recently recognised as potent antioxidants, reactive persulfide and polysulfide species are biosynthesised by cystathionine β-synthase and cystathionine γ-lyase. The production of reactive persulfide and polysulfide species in the lungs of(More)
We report 2 cases of successful reintroduction of mesylate imatinib for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) after drug-induced pneumonitis. Both of them were women in the fifth decade who had been medicated by mesylate imatinib about for 5 months previously, and had been given a diagnosis of imatinib mesylate-induced pneumonitis. After only cessation of(More)
An unusual case of cystic renal cell carcinoma in a 70-year-old Japanese male is reported. He had had a simple renal cyst removed 1 year ago. On presentation the right kidney was surrounded by multiple translucent cysts, which varied in size from 1 to 50 mm. The cyst walls were lined by single-layered cuboidal epithelium. The differential diagnosis included(More)
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