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Crustal development of the Hida belt, Japan: Evidence from Nd–Sr isotopic and chemical characteristics of igneous and metamorphic rocks
Abstract Chemical and Sr–Nd isotopic investigations were performed on the igneous and metamorphic rocks in the Hida belt (central Japan) to clarify their ages and possible sources, and to provideExpand
Two clinal trends in male-male aggressiveness in a subsocial spider mite (Schizotetranychus miscanthi)
Support for the hypothesis that male overwintering survival affects male-male aggressiveness came from a comparison between regions of heavy snowfall and those of light or no snowfall, and there was no correlation between male aggressiveness and the minimum winter temperature. Expand
Reinstatement of the Genus Stigmaeopsis Banks, with Descriptions of Two New Species (Acari, Tetranychidae)
The genus Stigmaeopsis Banks is reinstated with characteristic morphology on distal segment of palpus and five species previously known as celarius species group in Schizotetranychus are moved to StigmaEopsis. Expand
Bisulfighter: accurate detection of methylated cytosines and differentially methylated regions
Bisulfighter is presented, a new software package for detecting mCs and DMRs from bisulfite sequencing data that combines the LAST alignment tool for mC calling, and a novel framework for DMR detection based on hidden Markov models (HMMs). Expand
Prey kills predator: Counter-attack success of a spider mite against its specific phytoseiid predator
It is concluded that S. celarius has evolved some kind of biparental care for its offspring, and proposed that the predator—prey interactions observed in this study provide a unique contribution towards understanding “predator-prey coevolution”. Expand
The Relative Proportions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Oxygenated Derivatives in Accumulated Organic Particulates as Affected by Air Pollution Sources
Source characterization techniques for accumulated particulates and ambient particulates are presented. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) profiles and physical form were used in qualitative andExpand
Nest-size variation reflecting anti-predator strategies in social spider mites of Stigmaeopsis (Acari: Tetranychidae)
It is concluded that nest-size variation reflects a strategy for reducing predation and decreases in nest size increased egg defense. Expand