Yutaka Okamoto

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To investigate the molecular mechanisms of stimuli-induced transcriptional activation in neuronal cells, we have investigated the light-induced gene expression in the neural retina of rats. The immunoreactivity for phosphorylated cAMP responsive element binding protein (PCREB-IR) was expressed in the outer half of the inner nuclear layer (INL) and the(More)
For the evaluation of pedestrian protection, the European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee Working Group 17 report is now commonly used. In the evaluation of head injuries, the report takes into account only the hood area of the vehicle. But recent pedestrian accident data has shown the injury source for head injury changing to the windshield and A-pillar(More)
Glioma stem-like cells (GSCs) could have potential for tumorigenesis, treatment resistance, and tumor recurrence (GSC hypothesis). However, the mechanisms underlying such potential has remained elusive and few ultrastructural features of the cells have been reported in detail. We therefore undertook observations of the antigenic characteristics and(More)
Medulloblastomas are among the most common malignant brain tu mors in children. These tumors consist of immature bipotential cells that may differentiate into neuronal and glial cells. We have established two cell lines for human medulloblastoma. One was derived from a 2-year-old girl with a cerebellar tumor (designated as ONS-76) and another from a(More)
Glioma stem-like cells (GSCs) are undifferentiated cells that are considered to be an origin of glioblastomas. Furthermore, they may contribute to treatment resistance and recurrence in glioblastomas. GSCs differentiate into differentiated glioma cells (non-glioma stem-like cells: non‑GSCs), and interconversion might occur between GSCs and non-GSCs. We(More)
Ribavirin (1-β-D-ribofuranosy-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide) has been widely administered as an antiviral agent against RNA and DNA viruses. Ribavirin, in combination with interferon, has predominantly been applied in the treatment of the hepatitis C virus infection and its potential antitumor efficacy has recently become a point of interest. The aim of the(More)
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