Yutaka Nohara

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A clinicopathologic study was made of 170 cases of elastofibroma detected in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. A majority of the cases of elastofibroma were detected in the mainland of Okinawa and its offshore islands Tonaki-jima and Aguni-jima. The 21 cases from Tonaki Island had a familial occurrence. Simultaneously, 55 of the total cases were recognized to have(More)
HYPOTHESIS The scapulothoracic (ST) joint affects glenohumeral (GH) joint function. We observed 3-dimensional scapular motions during arm elevation and lowering to identify the scapulohumeral rhythm in healthy subjects and to compare it between the dominant and nondominant arms. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-one healthy subjects participated in this study.(More)
The Japan Spine Research Society carried out a nationwide survey on complications of the spine, enrolling a total of 16 157 patients who had undergone spine surgery in 196 institutes in the 1-year period from January to December 2001. Diseases, surgical procedures, and complications were surveyed in detail. Forty-nine percent of patients were aged 60 years(More)
Rapid destruction of the femoral head has been well understood since Postel’s report in 1970 [1]. This condition occurs mostly in elderly women, and considerable concern has been directed to the subchondral insufficiency fracture as a cause of femoral head collapse [2]. In contrast, rapid destruction of the humeral head is rare; only one case of nonnecrotic(More)
An epidemiological survey of juvenile-onset insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (0-15 years) was performed in Hokkaido, Japan, during 1973-1981. The mean annual incidence during the nine year period was 1.26 per 100,000 and showed a significant increasing trend. The prevalence of IDDM at the ages of 0-15 and 6-15 were 7.7 and 11.7 per 100,000 respectively.(More)
Immunoglobulin G (IgG) fractions prepared from the serum of 18 patients with primary myxedema, 9 patients with goitrous Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and 14 normal controls were tested for their ability to alter TSH stimulation of cAMP production in cultured human thyroid cells and the binding of TSH to its receptor. When compared with the cAMP increase induced(More)
In a screening of 43 patients with primary myxedema, 9 patients were found to have IgG that inhibits the binding of 125I-thyrotrophin to its receptor (thyrotrophin-binding inhibitor immunoglobulins). Preparations of IgG from these patients did not stimulate thyroidal cyclic adenosine monophosphate generation and blocked thyroid stimulation by thyrotrophin(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective multi-institutional study OBJECTIVE To describe the surgical outcomes in patients with ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament in the thoracic spine (T-OPLL) and to clarify factors related to the surgical outcomes. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Detailed analyses of surgical outcomes of T-OPLL have been difficult(More)