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Recently, many studies have reported that various kinds of real networks, such as WWW, the Internet, metabolic system, BtoB transactions and so on, have the scale-free properties in common. We focus on the network feeding Usenet news where a node represents a news server and a link between two nodes represents a connection on which the two news servers(More)
This paper proposes a novel text region detection technique based on a hidden Markov model (HMM) for MPEG-encoded bitstreams. Although enormous number of techniques have been proposed for a detection or a localization of text regions, an HMM-based approach has not been proposed as far as the authors know. First, two kind of feature value, i.e.,(More)
This paper proposes a new detection technique for fading-in/out text regions from MPEG1 bitstreams based on a Markov model. We focus on the properties that the luminance of a text region varies linearly in fading, and that text regions require larger amount of bits than non-text regions. These features are extracted directly from a target MPEG1 bitstream(More)
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