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Preparation and Characterization of a Styrene−Isoprene Undecablock Copolymer and Its Hierarchical Microdomain Structure in Bulk
A two-component multiblock copolymer with undecablocktwo of them on both chain ends are long and nine of them are shortwas successfully prepared by anionic polymerization using the six-step
Nanophase-separated synchronizing structure with parallel double periodicity from an undecablock terpolymer.
A new nanophase-separated structure with parallel double periodicity has been identified for an undecablock terpolymer in bulk, which exhibits a hierarchical lamellar structure with two crystallographic periods.
Composition-dependent morphological transition of hierarchically-ordered structures formed by multiblock terpolymers
Morphological transition of two types of multiblock terpolymers with composition has been investigated. One is undecablock terpolymers of the PISISISISIP type, while the other is hexablock
Diblock-type supramacromolecule via biocomplementary hydrogen bonding.
Control of nanostructure formation by a diblock-type supramacromolecule via biocomplementary hydrogen bonding has been achieved and a cast bulk film obtained from the solution has been confirmed to show a nanophase-separated structure by transmission electron microscopy and X-ray scattering.
Novel synthesis and characterization of bioconjugate block copolymers having oligonucleotides.
By repetition of this synthetic method, a block copolymer composed of a synthetic polymer, polystyrene, and biological oligonucleotides with thymidine units has been successfully synthesized.