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Osteopontin-derived synthetic peptide SVVYGLR has potent utility in the functional regeneration of oral and maxillofacial skeletal muscles
Oral and maxillofacial skeletal muscles are critical for oral motor functions, and severe damage to these muscles by trauma or surgery may lead to persistent functional impairment. This studyExpand
X-ray beam deflection control with a flexible capillary
X-ray beam deflection control method using a single flexible glass capillary is proposed to illuminate a fixed sample at a target position with different incidence angle. A 700 mm-long capillary withExpand
Mandibular simple bone cyst in a patient with first and second branchial arch syndrome
Abstract Simple bone cysts are known as pseudocysts and are thought to arise due to growth or developmental abnormalities, but few reports have been published on this phenomenon. We here report aExpand
Comparative evaluation of bone microstructure in alveolar cleft repair by cone beam CT: influence of different autologous donor sites and additional application of β-tricalcium phosphate
Objectives This study used cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images to comparatively evaluate the three-dimensional microstructural features of reconstructed bone bridge based on the boneExpand