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Angiogenesis is an important therapeutic target in cancer, and to fully exploit its therapeutic potential, combination chemotherapeutic/antiangiogenic regimens should be optimized and delivered earlier to more patients. Ideally, this could be done by a single potent oral agent with established safety. Rifampicin, a semisynthetic antibiotic derived from the(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents a scalable FPGA/ASIC implementation architecture for high-speed parallel table-lookup-coding using multi-ported content addressable memory, aiming at facilitating effective table-lookup-coding solutions. The multi-ported CAM adopts a Flexible Multi-ported Content Addressable Memory (FMCAM) technology, which represents an(More)
1. Introduction Multimedia applications, requiring the capabilities of codec processing, image processing or image recognition, have spread to the end-user environment. In particular, the modern communication network infrastructure accelerates the development of on-demand systems, digital broadcasting, mobile machinery and so on. Furthermore, security(More)
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