Yutaka Konishi

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It is well known that some strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) can induce IL-12 which plays an important role in modulating immune responses. However, the mechanisms by which LAB induce IL-12 production remain unclear. Here, we examine the role of toll-like receptors (TLR's) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in IL-12 production by LAB stimulated(More)
For an active power filter (APF), a three-phase current source PWM converter using IGBTs is not always used in place of a three-phase voltage source PWM converter with a voltage regulated DC capacitor. This is due to the difficulty of current control implementation for three-phase current source PWM converter. In this paper, the effective method to apply(More)
The methodology for the isolation various types of neural cell (motoneurons and neuroglial cells) from brain and spinal cord using OptiPrep™ is well-established and presented in detail in the Axis-Shield Application Sheets that can be found on the Applications flash-drive or accessed via the Axis-Shield website www.axis-shield-density-gradient-media.com(More)
This paper presents a performance analysis in steady-state of a novel type auxiliary resonant commutation snubber-linked three-level three-phase voltage source-type soft-switching inverter suitable and acceptable for high-power applications in comparison with the resonant DC linked three-level three-phase voltage source-type soft-switching inverter proposed(More)
In this paper, a high frequency transformer-assisted auxiliary active resonant commutation snubber (HFTA-ARCS) for voltage source soft switching pulse width modulated power conversion and inversion circuits using IGBTs is presented. A three phase voltage source type soft switching inverter incorporating HFTA-ARCS circuits in its three bridge legs can reduce(More)
In this paper, the voltage source series compensated inductor type capacitive load-resonant high-frequency inverter with a high-voltage matching transformer link is presented for driving a silent discharge ozone generating tube load used as a newly-developed ozonizer. The optimum design value of the series compensated resonant inductor for the capacitive(More)