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We applied the scaffold-free culture method to chondrocytes and attempted to reconstitute articular cartilage grafts. Primary rat costal chondrocytes were immobilized into hollow fibers by centrifugation at a density of 3 x 10(8) cells/cm(3) to induce the formation of cylindrical-shaped multicellular aggregates (organoids) and cultured for one month. The(More)
To elucidate the essential nature of the human obturator externus muscle (OE), the gross anatomy of the anomalous muscle and anomalous fasciculus originating from this muscle as well as the posterior division of the obturator nerve (P) were examined in 73 thighs of 45 Japanese adult cadavers. The investigation of anomalous muscle and anomalous fasciculus(More)
PURPOSE We have previously shown that ultrasound-mediated transfection (sonotransfection) can be optimized using a concept based on the ultrasound-induced apoptosis produced in our in vitro experiments. At optimized conditions, we have shown, using five cancer cell lines, that sonotransfection is superior to other conventional nonviral methods. Interferon(More)
Sonodynamic therapy (SDT) is a new modality using ultrasound (US) to activate certain chemical sensitizers for cancer therapy. In this study, the effect of US combined with a nanoparticle titanium dioxide (TiO(2)) on melanoma cell was investigated in vitro and in vivo. Melanoma cells (C32) were irradiated with US in the presence and/or absence of TiO(2).(More)
N etwork environments give computer users the option of employing distributed information and services to complete a task. However, gathering information and using services distributed in networks requires knowing exactly what kinds of information and services are required for a task, where they are, and how they can be obtained or utilized. Tracking down(More)
This study was performed to investigate causes of various types of topographical relationship between the lateral circumflex femoral artery (L) and the saphenous nerve (S). Femoral artery (F), deep femoral artery (P), L and S of 186 legs of 93 Japanese adult cadavers were submitted to anatomy. Further, the levels of origin of L in thigh were measured. L(More)
INTRODUCTION It has been shown that killing of suspended cells by low-intensity ultrasound (0.08-0.11 W/cm(2)) can be enhanced by a mild non-lethal hypotonic (146 mOsm) medium. PURPOSE In this study we wished to determine whether hypotonia-induced cell swelling of suspension cells was directly related to enhancement of ultrasound-mediated cell killing,(More)
Recently as large scale networks such as tile Inter-net and intranets grow, it is becoming harder to carry out our jobs like system development/maintenance and information gathering/utilization. As solutions to this problem, the agent techniques such as WWW robots (Koster 1996), Telescript (White 1994), and Softbot (Etzioni & Weld 1994) are proposed. In(More)