Yutaka Endo

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The concept of drug-likeness, an important characteristic for any compound in a screening library, is nevertheless difficult to pin down. Based on our belief that this concept is implicit within the collective experience of working chemists, we devised a data set to capture an intuitive human understanding of both this characteristic and ease of synthesis,(More)
GABA is known to produce membrane depolarization and secretion in adrenal medullary (AM) cells in various species. However, whether the GABAergic system is intrinsic or extrinsic or both in the adrenal medulla and the role that GABA plays are controversial. Therefore, these issues were addressed by combining a biochemical and functional analysis. Glutamic(More)
To clarify the possibility of pharmacological mediation on classical conditioning-associated asthmatic response, the effect of diazepam on an odor-induced conditioned histamine release was investigated in ovalbumin (OA)-sensitized guinea pigs, i.e. a model of bronchial asthma. The animals received conditioning sessions in which an antigen (OA) as the(More)
We propose an optical encryption framework that can encrypt and decrypt large-sized images beyond the size of the encrypted image using our two methods: random phase-free method and scaled diffraction. In order to record the entire image information on the encrypted image, the large-sized images require the random phase to widely diffuse the object light(More)
This paper numerically investigates the feasibility of lensless zoomable holo-graphic multiple projections to tilted planes. We have already developed lensless zoomable holographic single projection using scaled diffraction, which calculates diffraction between parallel planes with different sampling pitches. The structure of this zoomable holographic(More)
We report a calculation reduction method for color computer-generated holograms (CGHs) using color space conversion. Color CGHs are generally calculated on RGB space. In this paper, we calculate color CGHs in other color spaces: for example, YCbCr color space. In YCbCr color space, a RGB image is converted to the luminance component (Y), blue-difference(More)
Cardiovascular beriberi presents as either the fulminant (Shoshin beriberi) or chronic form. Shoshin beriberi is a rare disease that may lead to a fatal outcome if the patient does not receive appropriate treatment. In the present report, we describe the case of a 66-year-old man presenting with leg edema and dyspnea at rest. Clinical presentations were(More)
The present study investigates autonomic cardiovascular regulation during postural changes while in Fowler’s position. Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) and sequence baroreflex sensitivity (sBRS) were measured in 12 healthy individuals in three positions (Experiment 1). We also measured RSA, sBRS, tidal volume (TV), lung volume spectrum (LV spectrum), and(More)
The present study was designed to test the hypothesis that sympathetic nerve activity is attenuated in a hyperbaric environment. Response of muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) to central circulatory hypovolemic stress, lower body negative pressure (LBNP), was measured in nine men at normal and at 3 atm pressures. The stress consisted of 4 min each of(More)
High seizure susceptibility in El mice is associated with disinhibition in the dentate gyrus (DG) and paired-pulse facilitation in the CA3 area in hippocampal slices [Brain Res. 745 (1997) 165; Brain Res. 779 (1998) 324]. A decrease in gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)-mediated inhibition and an increase in excitatory inputs to the major neurons seem to be the(More)