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We consider a bulk service G I / M / l queue with service rates depending on service batch size. If there are n customers waiting at the completion of service, min(n, I\) customers enter service. We show that the queue size and the service batch size at points of arrivals form an embedded Markov chain and the steady-state probabilities of this Markov chain(More)
We propose a dimensional regularization scheme in the light-cone gauge NSR super-string field theory to regularize the divergences caused by the colliding supercurrents inserted at the interaction points. We study the tree amplitudes and show that our scheme actually regularize the divergences. We examine the four-point amplitudes for the NS-NS closed(More)
A shared space should be cooperatively maintained by all users. However, due to social loafing, often nobody maintains it and its condition worsens. We propose exudation of a shared space. Part of a shared space is exuded into personal workspaces so that office workers are forced to subjectively experience the atmosphere of the shared space, even while they(More)
We study light-cone gauge string field theory in noncritical space-time dimensions. Such a theory corresponds to a string theory in a Lorentz noninvariant background. We identify the worldsheet theory for the longitudinal coordinate variables X ± and study its properties. It is a CFT with the right value of Virasoro central charge, using which we propose a(More)
The MX/G/1 queue with finite waiting room is studied for both the partially rejected model and the totally rejected model. We start by studying the joint distribution of the number of customers at time t and the remaining service time of customer in service. This gives the asymptotic distribution of the number of customers at an arbitrary moment and(More)