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Color measurements of volcanic ash deposits from three different styles of summit activity at Sakurajima volcano, Japan: Conduit processes recorded in color of volcanic ash
Abstract We measured quantitatively colors of volcanic ash deposits erupted from three different styles of summit activity (Strombolian activity, Vulcanian explosions and continuous ash ventingExpand
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Color-change processes of a plinian pumice and experimental constraints of color-change kinetics in air of an obsidian
Colors of plinian pumices were measured by spectrocolorimetry, and their quantitative color parameters in the L*a*b* color space were determined. A series of heating experiments of obsidian wasExpand
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Pressurization processes of magmas in a shallow conduit to cause vulcanian eruption
Vulcanian eruptions are relatively frequent eruptive phenomena in island arc volcanism. The high frequency provides us many opportunities to observe the eruptive behavior and to sample the eruptedExpand
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Estimation of the lunar reflectance by ground-based observation using a tunable liquid-crystal filter telescope
Lunar reflectance data are useful not only for lithological identification of the lunar surface but also for radiometric calibration and determination of exposure time for optical sensors of lunarExpand
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Temperature dependence of reflectance spectra and color values of hematite by in situ, high-temperature visible micro-spectroscopy
Abstract We measured visible reflectance spectra and colors of hematite (α-Fe2O3) reagent powders and a natural feldspar grain containing dispersed hematite microcrystals from room temperature up toExpand
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Micro-spectroscopic characterization of organic and hydrous components in weathered Antarctic micrometeorites
Eight unmelted Antarctic micrometeorite (AMMs) recovered from Kuwagata Nunatak were studied on Al-foils by infrared (IR), Raman, and visible reflection micro-spectroscopy in combination with electronExpand
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In situ High-Temperature Visible Microspectroscopy for Volcanic Materials
In situ high-temperature visible microspectroscopy has been developed in order to study color change kinetics of volcanic materials. Olivine thin sections put on a synthetic alumina plate are heatedExpand
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The absorption-peak map of Mare Serenitatis obtained by a hyper-spectral telescope
The Mg-number [Mg#=atomic Mg/(Mg+Fe)] serves as an important petrologic discriminator when analyzing and understanding lunar rocks. Variations in the Mg# shift the wavelength of the absorptionExpand
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Dynamic Visco-elastic Buckling Analysis for Airway Model
In order to clarify the mechanism by which the lung airway narrows during an asthma attack, dynamic buckling analysis of the wall was conducted. The wall was modeled using a visco-elastic thin-walledExpand
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Review of instrumental inter‐agreement study of spectral and colorimetric data of commercial multiangle spectrophotometers
A review of instrumental inter-agreement study of spectral and colorimetric data of commercial multi-angle spectrophotometers. Expand