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We have proposed unifying presentation contents, such as lecture video and presentation slides used in lectures, using metadata. For the unified contents, we have also proposed a search mechanism named UPRISE (Unified Presentation Slide Retrieval by Impression Search Engine). In this paper, we focus on the position, count, and duration information of a(More)
(1)H NMR chemical shifts of molecular hydrogen encapsulated in dichloromethyl-C(60) cation and (1-octynyl)-C(60) anion were studied to clarify the difference in magnetic shielding effects inside the fullerene cages. The signals of the H(2) molecule inside both cationic and anionic C(60) cages appeared at lower fields than those of the neutral counterparts.(More)
The CyberKnife® is expected to be a novel local treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), however, a long-term follow-up using dynamic computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging is required to determine the effect of treatment in a number of the affected patients. Therefore, there is a requirement to evaluate procedures for early determination(More)
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