Yuta Nonami

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Cilia have crucial roles in various developmental and physiological events. Previously, we reported that choroid plexus epithelial cells (CPECs) have multiple, nonmotile 9+0 cilia, but the cilia exhibit transient motility with variable axonemal arrangements in the neonatal period. These features make these cilia unique, as they do not fit in to the(More)
Cilia are structurally and functionally diverse organelles, whose malfunction leads to ciliopathies. While recent studies have uncovered common ciliary transport mechanisms, limited information is available on the proteome of cilia, particularly that of sensory subtypes, which could provide insight into their functional and developmental diversities. In the(More)
The choroid plexus is located in the ventricular wall of the brain, the main function of which is believed to be production of cerebrospinal fluid. Choroid plexus epithelial cells (CPECs) covering the surface of choroid plexus tissue harbor multiple unique cilia, but most of the functions of these cilia remain to be investigated. To uncover the function of(More)
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