Yuta Nabae

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Selective oxidation is of great importance in organic synthesis, and green, efficient, selective oxidation techniques are highly sought after in the chemical industry. In particular, selective oxidation of alcohols is a fundamental transformation in the synthesis of fine chemicals. Recently, aerobic oxidation processes have received increasing attention, as(More)
The iron (Fe) electrodeposition-electrochemical dissolution has been employed on nitrogen-doped carbon material (P-PI) prepared via multi-step pyrolysis of a polyimide precursor to achieve the introduction of Fe species, and its influence on the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is investigated by cyclic and rotating ring-disk electrode voltammetry in 0.5 M(More)
Pt-free cathode catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells have been prepared by multi-step pyrolysis of FePc and PhRs, in the best of which show extensively high initial cell performance and good durability compared to other present precious-metal-free cathode catalysts to date.
Carbon-based cathode catalysts derived from a hyperbranched iron phthalocyanine polymer (HB-FePc) were characterized, and their active-site formation mechanism was studied by synchrotron-based spectroscopy. The properties of the HB-FePc catalyst are compared with those of a catalyst with high oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity synthesized from a(More)
The development of a non-precious metal (NPM) fuel cell catalyst is extremely important to achieve globalization of polymer electrolyte fuel cells due to the cost and scarcity of platinum. Here, we report on a NPM cathode catalyst prepared by the pyrolysis of spherical polyimide nanoparticles that contain small amounts of Fe additive. 60 nm diameter(More)
Fuel cells offer an alternative to burning fossil fuels, but use platinum as a catalyst which is expensive and scarce. Cheap, alternative catalysts could enable fuel cells to become serious contenders in the green energy sector. One promising class of catalyst for electrochemical oxygen reduction is iron-containing, nanostructured, nitrogen-doped carbon.(More)
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