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The mobile communication market has grown rapidly over the past 10 years, but the market may reach saturation in the foreseeable future. More flexible mobile networks able to meet various user demands and create new market openings are needed for further growth. Heterogeneous networks are more suitable than homogeneous networks for meeting a wide variety of(More)
IEEE P1900.4 is an emerging standard for optimized radio resource utilization where cognitive radio technologies are used for efficient spectrum utilization. In this paper, we design and implement a cognitive wireless network system based on open documents of IEEE P1900.4, and evaluate its performance using UDP streaming and HTTP download. Our experiments(More)
the transfer learning method enables the reuse of the knowledge of other robots' behavior, such as for cooperative behavior. Those methods, however, have not been fully and systematically discussed. To address this, KCF leverages the transfer learning method and cloud-computing resources. In prior research, we developed ontology-based inter-task mapping as(More)
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