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In this paper, we propose a newmethod for improving detection of sea ice through use of PALSAR (Phased-Array type L-band SAR) polarimetric data. Unlike traditional methods that are based on backscattering coefficient, our proposed method utilizes scattering entropy to detect sea ice. We tested this method by comparing sea ice area derived from PALSAR fully(More)
RAFT polymerization is attractive for its reliability, facile operation, and high tolerance to a wide variety of monomers, functional groups, solvents, and temperatures. Herein, we report the RAFT-based synthesis of well-defined polymers bearing hydroxyl groups at two terminals by using various monomers. We found that the molecular weight of obtained(More)
The immersed boundary (IB) method is a computational framework for problems involving the interaction of a fluid and immersed elastic structures. It is characterized by the use of a uniform Cartesian mesh for the fluid, a Lagrangian curvilinear mesh on the elastic material, and discrete delta functions for communication between the two grids. We consider a(More)
In this paper, we propose a method of converting a given sequence of search queries about a certain topic into a sequence of search queries about a given different topic. We define the concept of a search skeleton for topic conversion. A search skeleton represents relationships between keywords in a query. A given sequence of search queries is converted(More)
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