Yuta Makino

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Methamphetamine enantiomers in drug abusers' urine were clearly separated by semi-microcolumn liquid chromatography using a column-switching system. The system consists of two separation processes: firstly, a strong cation-exchange precolumn removes neutral and anionic substances in urine, and then methamphetamine enantiomers trapped in the column are(More)
To examine the urinary excretion of opiates and their metabolites following inhalation exposure of rats to opium, analytical procedures for the simultaneous determination of the compounds in opium, the vapor derived by the volatilization of opium and the urine of rats exposed to the opium vapor were developed using liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure(More)
In human gait motion analysis, which is one useful method for efficient physical rehabilitation to define various quantitative evaluation indices, ground reaction force, joint angle and joint loads are measured during gait. To obtain these data as unrestrained gait measurement, a novel gait motion analysis system using mobile force plates and attitude(More)
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