Yuta Maezawa

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Although asynchronous technologies such as Ajax make Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) responsive, they can result in unexpected behavior due to nondeterministic client-side processing and asynchronous communication. One difficulty in understanding such erroneous behavior lies in the unpredictable contexts of the running system. Dynamic behavior analysis(More)
When developers test modern web applications that use JavaScript, challenging issues lie in their event-driven, asynchronous, and dynamic features. Many researchers have assessed the adequacy of test cases with code coverage criteria; however, in this paper, we show that the code coverage-based approach possibly misses some faults in the applications. We(More)
When developing asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) applications, developers implement Ajax design patterns for increasing the usability of the applications. However, unpredictable contexts of running applications might conceal faults that will break the design patterns, which decreases usability. We propose a support tool called JSVerifier that(More)
The challenge of validating Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) applications lies in actual errors exposed in a user environment. Several studies have proposed effective and efficient testing techniques to identify executable faults. However, the applications might have faults that are not executed during testing, but might cause actual errors in a user(More)
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