Yuta Kimura

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Despite its abundant vascularization and extensive circulatory communication with neighboring organs, metastases to the penis are a rare event. A 57-year-old male, who had undergone total pelvic exenteration for rectal cancer sixteen months earlier, demonstrated an abnormal uptake within his penis by positron emission tomography/computed tomography. A(More)
The message deliveries based on the store-carry-forward routing schemes, such as Epidemic Routing(ER), are one of useful methods for communication under challenged environments. However, these methods commonly have their own limitations in reach ability of messages to destinations and scalability. For example, as the distance to the destination increases,(More)
A novel scheme for construction and representation of a single compound cable is presented. The complicated geometry of those objects put on natural posture is analysed and represented based on a modified clustering method: Outer Edge FCM. In the modification, the membership functions can be extended by introducing three evaluation functions for distance,(More)
A 65-year-old woman who was diagnosed with unresectable Stage IV sigmoid colon cancer underwent transverse colostomy with double orifices. Although KRAS gene mutation was observed, we could not administer bevacizumab because of the risk of bleeding from the primary tumor and peritumoral abscess. We started bi-weekly XELOX therapy but bloody bowel discharge(More)
An operando soft X-ray absorption spectroscopic technique, which enabled the analysis of the electronic structures of the electrode materials at elevated temperature in a controlled atmosphere and electrochemical polarization, was established and its availability was demonstrated by investigating the electronic structural changes of an La2 NiO4+δ dense-film(More)
The columnar-grained Cu71.5Al17.5Mn11 shape memory alloy was treated by single-pass hot rolling at 900 ◦C with a thickness reduction of 67.3% followed by immediate water quenching. Dynamic recovery other than discontinuous dynamic recrystallization occurred during the treatment process, bringing about retained columnar grains with <001> textures, as well as(More)