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NMCP1 is a plant protein that has a long coiled-coil domain within the molecule. Newly identified NMCP2 of Daucus carota and Apium graveolens showed similar peripheral localization in the interphase nucleus, and the sequence spanning the coiled-coil domain exhibited significant similarity with the corresponding region of NMCP1. To better understand(More)
Despite its abundant vascularization and extensive circulatory communication with neighboring organs, metastases to the penis are a rare event. A 57-year-old male, who had undergone total pelvic exenteration for rectal cancer sixteen months earlier, demonstrated an abnormal uptake within his penis by positron emission tomography/computed tomography. A(More)
Recent ultrastructural studies revealed that a structure similar to the vertebrate nuclear lamina exists in the nuclei of higher plants. However, plant genomes lack genes for lamins and intermediate-type filament proteins, and this suggests that plant-specific nuclear coiled-coil proteins make up the lamina-like structure in plants. NMCP1 is a protein,(More)
The message deliveries based on the store-carry-forward routing schemes, such as Epidemic Routing(ER), are one of useful methods for communication under challenged environments. However, these methods commonly have their own limitations in reach ability of messages to destinations and scalability. For example, as the distance to the destination increases,(More)
A novel scheme for construction and representation of a single compound cable is presented. The complicated geometry of those objects put on natural posture is analysed and represented based on a modified clustering method: Outer Edge FCM. In the modification, the membership functions can be extended by introducing three evaluation functions for distance,(More)
A beading design diagram reading system was implemented for supporting handicraft by visually impaired persons. Beading is one of popular handicraft done by visually disabled persons as a recreational activity. However, it is not possible for them to watch symbols on design diagram. Sighted volunteers read diagrams for them but the work is hard and it takes(More)
In this paper, we proposed a robust detecting and tracking method for mobile robot by using the Updating Hue and Saturation-histogram method (UHS-his), we also proposed standard quantitatively evaluation parameters for a general detecting and tracking method. Hue and Saturation are elements of HSV color space. The UHS-his method can be used indoors and(More)