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The message deliveries based on the store-carry-forward routing schemes, such as Epidemic Routing(ER), are one of useful methods for communication under challenged environments. However, these methods commonly have their own limitations in reach ability of messages to destinations and scalability. For example, as the distance to the destination increases,(More)
A novel scheme for construction and representation of a single compound cable is presented. The complicated geometry of those objects put on natural posture is analysed and represented based on a modified clustering method: Outer Edge FCM. In the modification, the membership functions can be extended by introducing three evaluation functions for distance,(More)
We propose a halo control method that is suitable for smoothed local histogram equalization (LHE). Smoothed LHE based tone mapping, e.g., Apical Iridix®, is effective and widely used for local adaptive image enhancement. However, halo artifacts occur at the edge, which causes unnaturalness. There are no detailed discussions on the principles of(More)
In this paper, we proposed a robust detecting and tracking method for mobile robot by using the Updating Hue and Saturation-histogram method (UHS-his), we also proposed standard quantitatively evaluation parameters for a general detecting and tracking method. Hue and Saturation are elements of HSV color space. The UHS-his method can be used indoors and(More)
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