Yuta Kakimoto

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We continuously receive the external information from multiple sensors simultaneously. The brain must judge a source event of these sensory informations and integrate them. It is thought that judging the simultaneity of such multisensory stimuli is an important cue when we discriminate whether the stimuli are derived from one event or not. Although previous(More)
Although recent reports have suggested that synchronous neuronal UP states are mediated by astrocytic activity, the mechanism responsible for this remains unknown. Astrocytic glutamate release synchronously depolarizes adjacent neurons, while synaptic transmissions are blocked. The purpose of this study was to confirm that astrocytic depolarization,(More)
Although it is known that two coupled Wilson–Cowan models with reciprocal connections induce aperiodic oscillations, little attention has been paid to the dynamical mechanism for such oscillations so far. In this study, we aim to elucidate the fundamental mechanism to induce the aperiodic oscillations in the coupled model. First, aperiodic oscillations(More)
The effect of phosphorus (P)-doping on the electrochemical performance of Si negative electrodes in lithium-ion batteries was investigated. Field-emission scanning electron microscopy was used to observe changes in surface morphology. Surface crystallinity and the phase transition of Si negative electrodes before and after a charge-discharge cycle were(More)
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