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We describe asymmetric intramolecular Friedel-Crafts alkylations with a DNA-based hybrid catalyst and propose a plausible binding model. This study shows promise for studying relationships between the helical chirality of DNA and enantioselectivity of the chemical reaction.
Planar bilayer lipid membranes formed from egg phosphatidylcholine in aqueous media containing the lipophilic anion, dipicrylamine (DPA), were studied by dielectric spectroscopy over a frequency range of 10 Hz–10 MHz. The membranes showed dielectric relaxation due to the translocation of DPA between the membrane interfaces. Incorporating either cholesterol(More)
We developed a life support system for connecting PC with the real world. This system has seamless interface between the personal computer (PC) world and the real world, we have been studying a method for teaching a caregiver robot and a caregiver person. The interface proposed here allows a user to intuitively direct a robot's motion via a graphical user(More)
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