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OBJECTIVES Symptoms of three-dimensional (3D) sickness, such as intoxication and eye fatigue, have been observed in subjects viewing 3D films and vary according to the image quality and visual environment. In addition, the influence of stereoscopic vision on the incidence of 3D sickness has not been explored sufficiently. Therefore, it is important to(More)
In the usual Romberg's posture in stabilometry, deterioration in the equilibrium function can be detected. The aim of this study is to investigate the control system under unstable conditions. We have developed an apparatus for adjusting the tilt angle on the slope on which the body sway is recorded, continuously, with eyes open for 60 s and with eyes(More)
Stabilometry, which is useful for the quantitative evaluation of the equilibrium function, is typically performed using Romberg's posture. In this posture, stabilometry can detect deterioration in the equilibrium function because this posture is unstable with a small support area. For many elderly individuals and for patients with equilibrium disorders, it(More)
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