Yuta Fukui

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In this study, we examined the effects of restraint stress on some immune parameters such as the in vivo antibody levels, cytokine production, and lymphocyte cell number in the spleen or mesenteric lymph node (MLN). BALB/c mice were thus injected intraperitoneally 2-times with OVA absorbed into alum on days 0 and 21. Before the first injection, the animals(More)
UNLABELLED We investigated the efficacy of dietary consumption of Lactobacillus brevis KB290 (KB290) against influenza in humans by a preliminary intervention study on elementary schoolchildren, using a commercially available probiotic drink. Subjects were divided into Groups A and B, and an open-label, parallel-group trial was conducted in two 8-week(More)
AIM Our goal was to develop a simple system for tagging wild-type marine bacteria with gfp. METHODS AND RESULTS Escherichia coli strain CC118lambdapir carrying the conjugative helper plasmid pEVS104 and the gfp-containing plasmid pKV111 was used to transfer gfp to Vibrio recipients. Four different media were tested for their ability to support the growth(More)
OBJECTIVES Symptoms of three-dimensional (3D) sickness, such as intoxication and eye fatigue, have been observed in subjects viewing 3D films and vary according to the image quality and visual environment. In addition, the influence of stereoscopic vision on the incidence of 3D sickness has not been explored sufficiently. Therefore, it is important to(More)
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