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Regioselective synthesis of flavone derivatives via DMAP-catalyzed cyclization of o-alkynoylphenols
A catalytic amount of DMAP promoted cyclization of o-alkynoylphenols via a 6-endo cyclization mode leading to flavone derivatives in high yields without forming 5-exo cyclized aurone derivatives.Expand
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Synthesis of γ-benzopyranone by TfOH-promoted regioselective cyclization of o-alkynoylphenols.
Regioselective cyclization of o-alkynoylphenols forming γ-benzopyranones has been demonstrated. Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid (TfOH) induced 6-endo cyclization of o-alkynoylphenols without formingExpand
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Total synthesis and conformational analysis of apratoxin C.
Total synthesis of apratoxin C, a cyanobacterial cyclodepsipeptide with highly potent cytotoxicity against some cancer cell lines, was achieved using the apratoxin A synthetic strategy developed byExpand
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A concise total synthesis of biologically active frutinones via tributylphosphine-catalyzed tandem acyl transfer-cyclization
Abstract A concise and step-economical total synthesis of biologically active frutinones has been achieved. Tributylphosphine (PBu 3 ) efficiently induced the tandem acyl transfer-cyclization ofExpand
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A concise synthesis of 3-aroylflavones via Lewis base 9-azajulolidine-catalyzed tandem acyl transfer-cyclization.
Lewis base-catalyzed tandem acyl transfer-cyclization of acylated o-alkynoylphenols leading to 3-aroylflavones was developed. 9-Azajulolidine smoothly promoted the reaction of the aroyl derivativesExpand
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Enantioselective Organocatalytic Construction of Spiroindane Derivatives by Intramolecular Friedel-Crafts-Type 1,4-Addition.
The highly enantioselective organocatalytic construction of spiroindanes containing an all-carbon quaternary stereocenter by intramolecular Friedel-Crafts-type 1,4-addition is described. The reactionExpand
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Organocatalytic Regioselective Chlorosilylation of Oxirane Derivatives: Mild and Effective Insertion of Bulky Silyl Chloride by Using 4‐Methoxypyridine N‐Oxide
The highly regioselective organocatalytic chlorosilylation of oxirane derivatives using bulky silyl reagents such as (tert-butyl)diphenylsilyl chloride (TBDPSCl) or triphenylsilyl chloride (Ph3SiCl)Expand
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Amine-free silylation of alcohols under 4-methylpyridine N-oxide-catalyzed conditions
Abstract Amine-free silylation of various alcohols catalyzed by 4-methylpyridine N -oxide in the presence of MS4A at room temperature was developed. This simple method gave various silyl ethers in aExpand
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A Concise Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Frutinones via Tributylphosphine‐Catalyzed Tandem Acyl Transfer‐Cyclization.
The lewis-base catalyzed tandem acyl transfer-cyclization reaction of carbonates (I) results in formation of 3-alkoxycarbonylflavones (II).
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