Yuta Arai

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Mice deficient in neurogenin 3 (Ngn3) fail to generate pancreatic endocrine cells and intestinal endocrine cells. Hypothalamic neuropeptides implicated in the control of energy homeostasis might also be affected in Ngn3 homozygous null mutant mice. We investigated the expression of two prominent orexigenic neuropeptides, neuropeptide Y (NPY) and(More)
The hypophyseal pars tuberalis surrounds the median eminence and infundibular stalk of the hypothalamus as thin layers of cells. The pars tuberalis expresses MT1 melatonin receptor and participates in mediating the photoperiodic secretion of pituitary hormones. Both the rostral tip of Rathke's pouch (pars tuberalis primordium) and the pars tuberalis(More)
We explore the foreign exchange and stock market networks for 48 countries from 1999 to 2012 and propose a model, based on complex Hilbert principal component analysis, for extracting significant lead-lag relationships between these markets. The global set of countries, including large and small countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East,(More)
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