Yusuke Yokota

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The cognitive significances of geographic objects play an important role in optimizing a set of place names presented on a map interface. The aim of this research is to assign a value for cognitive significance to each place name in GIS, based on regional documents collected from the Web. The assigned values could be used in GIS applications including(More)
Distributed multiuser hypermedia environments provide not only information sharing mechanisms but also user col-laboration/ communication facilities. The provision of integrated views of heterogeneous information resources is necessary to create common understanding among the users who are possibly distributed in terms of geography and time. However,(More)
VIEW Media is a cooperative hypermedia system, which supports cooperative work utilizing hypermedia documents. It provides fundamental functions for cooperative work support system and enables developers to construct various groupware such as distributed presentation systems, education systems, conference systems, and so forth. This system provides a(More)
Quantitative estimation of the workload in the brain is an important factor for helping to predict the behavior of humans. The reaction time when performing a difficult task is longer than that when performing an easy task. Thus, the reaction time reflects the workload in the brain. In this study, we employed an N-back task in order to regulate the degree(More)