Yusuke Yokota

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The cognitive significances of geographic objects play an important role in optimizing a set of place names presented on a map interface. The aim of this research is to assign a value for cognitive significance to each place name in GIS, based on regional documents collected from the Web. The assigned values could be used in GIS applications including(More)
Distributed multiuser hypermedia environments provide not only information sharing mechanisms but also user col-laboration/ communication facilities. The provision of integrated views of heterogeneous information resources is necessary to create common understanding among the users who are possibly distributed in terms of geography and time. However,(More)
VIEW Media is a cooperative hypermedia system, which supports cooperative work utilizing hypermedia documents. It provides fundamental functions for cooperative work support system and enables developers to construct various groupware such as distributed presentation systems, education systems, conference systems, and so forth. This system provides a(More)
Geodetic transients have been observed in various subduction zones. The 2011 Tohoku earthquake occurred in one of the most active subduction zones globally, the Japan Trench subduction zone (JTSZ). However, no geodetic transient (except afterslip and so on) had been reported in the JTSZ before the Tohoku earthquake. Here we show that a large transient(More)
Afferent chorda tympani (CT) fibers innervating taste and somatosensory receptors in fungiform papillae have neuron cell bodies in the geniculate ganglion (GG). The GG/CT fibers branch in the tongue to innervate taste buds in several fungiform papillae. To investigate receptive field characteristics of GG/CT neurons, we recorded extracellular responses from(More)
The auditory steady-state response (ASSR) is an oscillatory brain activity evoked by repetitive auditory stimuli. Previous studies have reported that the power and phase locking index (PLI) of ASSR could be modulated by the degree of workload. However, those studies used different physical stimuli for tasks of differing difficulty, and the effect of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically evaluate the usefulness of assessing the cervical nerve roots by MRI for the diagnosis of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP). DESIGN Single-institution, retrospective case-control study. SETTING A regional referral hospital. PARTICIPANTS We retrospectively enrolled 15 consecutive patients with(More)