Yusuke Takatori

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This paper describes the evaluation on the safety performance of a driving assistance system based on a fusion network of inter-vehicle communication and in-vehicle external sensors in which the other vehicles' running information acquired by in-vehicle external sensors and own running information acquired by internal-sensors. The safety performance is(More)
This paper proposes a WYSIWYAS navigation system for smart devices, which is to be used by a pedestrian in motion. The proposed system is installed as an application for Android smart device with a rear camera. It scans M-CubITS Marker elements arranged on the corridor on every frame of a captured movie in order to estimate its position direction in(More)
This paper describes a evaluation of the safety performance of a vehicle cooperative driving assistance system that uses forward obstruction detecting sensors. The information acquisition rate is defined as the ratio of number of information acquisition vehicles to number of vehicles of and others in surrounding that exists in constant range to have(More)
To communicate between vehicles running on highway a wireless technology should be applied which will enable the potential to avoid collision. This paper discusses the method of sharing information of vehicles using laser beam detection. The speed and distance of the vehicles is obtained using BLINDER laser detector according to which commands of driving is(More)
This paper proposes a real-time and seamless WYSIWYAS (RS-WYSIWYAS) navigation system for smart devices, which is to be used by a pedestrian while walking on a corridor. WYSIWYAS is a navigation concept that provides a user an intuitive guidance that do not need to interpret provided guidance information. The proposed system is implemented as a prototype(More)
In this paper, a novel crossing collision prevention system is proposed. The on-board unit of the system shares own driving information (position, velocity etc.) and other vehicles' driving information which is acquired by in-vehicle obstacle detection sensors with surrounding vehicles via inter-vehicle communication network. In a theoretical analysis, a(More)
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