Yusuke Shiokawa

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Our previous studies (Inui et al. in J Physiol 589:5775–5784, 2011, Exp Brain Res 218:487–494, 2012) showed that a fully flexed or extended finger, wrist, and elbow became perceived as an extended or flexed ‘phantom’ hand and arm as ischemic anesthesia progressed. Here, we examined what happened if the wrist was fixed in full extension while the elbow was(More)
In order to search and rescue the victims in rubble effectively, a 3D map of the rubble is required. As a part of the national project of rescue robot system, we are investigating a method for constructing a 3D map of rubble by teleoperated mobile robots. In this paper, we developed a laser range finder for 3D map-building in rubble. The developed range(More)
AIMS To assess the influence of glistenings on the optical quality of acrylic foldable intraocular lens. METHODS Several degrees of glistenings in the optic were experimentally created by immersing the lens in water at 37 degrees C for 48 hours and then at 25 degrees C for 24 hours. Optical bench tests were carried out in water including measurements of(More)
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