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The Sigma(1385) resonance, or Sigma;{*}, is well known as part of the standard baryon decuplet with spin J=3/2. Measurements of the reaction gammap-->K;{+}Sigma;{*0} are difficult to extract due to overlap with the nearby Lambda(1405) resonance. However, the reaction gamman-->K;{+}Sigma;{*-} has no overlap with the Lambda(1405) due to its charge. Here we(More)
Photoproduction of a phi meson on protons was studied by means of linearly polarized photons at forward angles in the low-energy region from threshold to Egamma = 2.37 GeV. The differential cross sections at t = -|t|min do not increase smoothly as Egamma increases but show a local maximum at around 2.0 GeV. The angular distributions demonstrate that phi(More)
Differential cross sections and photon-beam asymmetries have been measured for the gamma n --> K+ Sigma- and gamma p --> K+Sigma0 reactions separately using liquid deuterium and hydrogen targets with incident linearly polarized photon beams of E gamma = 1.5-2.4 GeV at 0.6 < cos ThetacmK< 1. The cross section ratio of sigma K+ Sigma-/sigma K+ Sigma0,(More)
The gamman-->K(+)K(-)n reaction on 12C has been studied by measuring both K+ and K- at forward angles. A sharp baryon resonance peak was observed at 1.54+/-0.01 GeV/c(2) with a width smaller than 25 MeV/c(2) and a Gaussian significance of 4.6sigma. The strangeness quantum number (S) of the baryon resonance is +1. It can be interpreted as a molecular(More)
Beam polarization asymmetries for the p(gamma-->,K+)Lambda and p(gamma-->,K+)Sigma(0) reactions are measured for the first time for E(gamma)=1.5-2.4 GeV and 0.6<cos((theta(c.m.)(K+))<1.0 by using linearly polarized photons at the Laser-Electron-Photon facility at SPring-8 (LEPS). The observed asymmetries are positive and gradually increase with rising(More)
Photoproduction of Lambda(1520) with liquid hydrogen and deuterium targets was examined at photon energies below 2.4 GeV in the SPring-8 LEPS experiment. For the first time, the differential cross sections were measured at low energies and with a deuterium target. A large asymmetry of the production cross sections from protons and neutrons was observed at(More)
Differential cross sections and photon-beam asymmetries for the gamma(p)-->K{+}Lambda(1520) reaction have been measured with linearly polarized photon beams at energies from the threshold to 2.4 GeV at 0.6<cos(theta){c.m.}{K}<1. A new bump structure was found at W approximately 2.11 GeV in the cross sections. The bump is not well reproduced by theoretical(More)
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