Yusuke Shigeno

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We report a new arthrographic index to quantitate the loss of sphericity of the femoral head during early Perthes' disease. The technique has been applied to 272 arthrograms of 131 normal and 141 affected hips. It measures marginal or segmental collapse as well as central collapse of the epiphysis, thus providing a more accurate assessment of deformity in(More)
A review at maturity of 42 patients with Perthes' disease has allowed a correlation to be made between femoral head deformity during the initial phases of fragmentation and reparation, as quantified arthrographically, with the final shape and size of the femoral head measured on plain radiographs. Cases with loss of sphericity or coxa magna at maturity had(More)
The importance of utilizing the advantages of embodiment in presentation has often been pointed out. In recent years, because of the increase in the size of screens and displays, the realization of a large-surface presentation by arranging many screens and displays on the wall of a room is expected. In this study, we precisely analyzed pointing motions by(More)
Surfaces with social functions are a recent trend. As the next step in the evolution of these surfaces, we propose a context-enhancing surface, which allows people to entrain and share their embodied rhythms to support their daily lively life. Thus, we developed a prototype system using sensors and screens. We propose a goal-oriented interaction and an(More)
Successful case studies for waste recycling in Japan have not been evaluated. The evaluation of economic efficiency and environmental effects were lacking at the time the actual network was established. A waste/resource input/output (I/O) coincidence retrieval system called ZENESYS was developed to examine the usefulness of a waste-exchange network in a(More)
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