Yusuke Shigematsu

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The response latency of horizontal cells in the carp retina was investigated by means of the stimulus-response crosscorrelation using a randomly modulated light of various wavelengths. R/G type cells produced two response components with some difference in latency; short-latency hyperpolarising response to green light and long-latency depolarising one to(More)
Receptive field size of rod-driven horizontal cells (HCs) in the carp retina was measured by the spread of responses to the slit of light stimulus with changing the distance from the recording electrode and it was found to decay with a single exponential function. By perfusing 10 microM dopamine (DA) the length constant of rod-driven HCs was reduced to half(More)
A glass multimicroelectrode system for simultaneous intracellular recordings is described in which four pieces of micropipettes with rectangular cross section are arranged in a square compartment. Each tip position is shifted from the central axis of the electrode stem toward the crest line of its corner. Such micropipettes are mechanically bundled to one(More)
Siphonous green algae, a type of deep-sea green algae, appear olive drab and utilize blue–green light for photosynthesis. A siphonous green alga, Codium (C.) intricatum, was isolated from Okinawa prefecture in Japan, and a clonal algal culture in filamentous form was established. The major light-harvesting antenna was analogous to the trimeric LHCII found(More)
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