Yusuke Otsuki

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Synthesis and antifungal activity of cyclic octapeptide derivatives of burkholdines are described. To construct cyclic octapeptides, the combination of Fmoc-SPPS and cyclization with DIC/HOBt in the solution phase was employed. Synthesized peptides were evaluated for antifungal activity with MIC values against Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Aspergillus oryzae,(More)
The preparation of four stereoisomers of β-hydroxytyrosine containing burkholdines is described. Enantio-pure syn β-hydroxytyrosine was synthesized using Sharpless aminohydroxylation. To obtain anti β-hydroxytyrosine, the cinnamate derivative was oxidized to give the optical active diol derivative by the AD-mix and subsequently, the a-hydroxy group was(More)
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