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  • Jean-François Maure, Shinya Komoto, Yusuke Oku, Akihisa Mino, Sebastiano Pasqualato, Kayo Natsume +3 others
  • 2011
Proper chromosome segregation in mitosis relies on correct kinetochore-microtubule (KT-MT) interactions. The KT initially interacts with the lateral surface of a single MT (lateral attachment) extending from a spindle pole and is subsequently anchored at the plus end of the MT (end-on attachment). The conversion from lateral to end-on attachment is crucial(More)
YAP and TAZ oncoproteins confer malignancy and drug resistance to various cancer types. We screened for small molecules that inhibit the nuclear localization of YAP/TAZ. Dasatinib, statins and pazopanib inhibited the nuclear localization and target gene expression of YAP and TAZ. All three drugs induced phosphorylation of YAP and TAZ, and pazopanib induced(More)
Accurate chromosome segregation is vital for cell viability. Many cancer cells show chromosome instability (CIN) due to aberrant expression of the genes involved in chromosome segregation. The induction of massive chromosome segregation errors in such cancer cells by small molecule inhibitors is an emerging strategy to kill these cells selectively. Here we(More)
Credit erasure processing refers to the process of canceling corresponding items from a list of accounts receivable by checking against a detailed statement when receiving accounts receivable and other payments. In credit erasure processing, it is sometimes necessary to perform the laborious task of searching for credited items based solely on billing data(More)
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