Yusuke Okaniwa

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This study examined the effect of dietary alpha-linolenate (18:3n-3)/linoleate (18:2n-6) balance on brain lipid compositions and brightness-discrimination learning ability in aged rats. An alpha-linolenate-rich diet with a peroxidizability index (PI) of 142 and a linoleate-rich diet with a PI value of 80 were used. Long-term feeding of these diets induced a(More)
Rats fed from weaning on semi-purified diets supplemented either with linoleate-rich safflower oil (S) or alpha-linolenate-rich perilla oil (P) were mated. Half of the progeny were weaned to the original diet of the dams (SS and PP), the other two groups were shifted to diets enriched in the other fatty acid (SP and PS). Brightness-discrimination learning(More)
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