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New perspective for natural products synthesis: concise synthesis of (+)-sch 642305 by chiral auxiliary multiuse methodology.
The synthesis of (+)-Sch 642305 is an example of chiral auxiliary multiuse methodology, which shows a new perspective for the synthesis of compounds with multiple asymmetric centers, and contains a new protocol for obtaining alpha'-alkylated enone compounds. Expand
Oleamide derivatives are prototypical anti-metastasis drugs that act by inhibiting Connexin 26.
Cx26 expression may be useful as a prognostic tool that can predict the existence of highly metastatic cancer cells in clinical samples and is also more frequently observed in metastasized tumors. Expand
A mild and efficient one-pot synthesis of 2-dihydroimidazoles from aldehydes
Abstract The reactions of various aldehydes and 1,2-diamines followed by NXS treatment proceed at 0 °C–rt to give the corresponding dihydroimidazoles in high yields. The reaction is mild, and manyExpand
The rearrangement of 2,3-epoxysulfonates and its application to natural products syntheses: formal synthesis of (-)-aphanorphine and total syntheses of (-)-alpha-herbertenol and (-)-herbertenediol.
The sulfonyloxy groups of the alpha-sulfonyl oxygen ketones, having a chiral benzylic quaternary carbon center obtained by the rearrangement of 2-alkyl-3-aryl-2,3-epoxysulfonates, were reductively eliminated to give the ketones with aChiral benzaldehyde quaternARY carbon center. Expand
Intramolecular bromo-amination of 1,4-cyclohexadiene aminal: one-pot discrimination of two olefins and concise asymmetric synthesis of (-)-gamma-lycorane.
A one-pot discrimination of two olefins in the cyclohexane system is produced, which was used for the asymmetric synthesis of (-)-gamma-lycorane. Expand
One-pot synthesis of imidazolines from aldehydes: detailed study about solvents and substrates
Abstract Imidazolines were prepared in one-pot operation from aldehydes and diamines through oxidation of aminal intermediates by NBS. This method could be applied to various aromatic and aliphaticExpand
Oleamide derivatives suppress the spontaneous metastasis by inhibiting connexin 26
It is proposed that the MI‐18 and MI‐22 oleamide derivatives may serve as prototypes for novel and clinically important anticancer drugs. Expand
Asymmetric synthesis by the intramolecular haloetherification reaction of ene acetal: discrimination of prochiral dienes in cyclohexane systems.
A novel asymmetric synthesis of the cyclohexane derivative functionalized by some substituents has been developed from the diene acetals (1), prepared from the corresponding diene aldehyde andExpand
A highly efficient macrolactonization method via ethoxyvinyl ester.
It was found that EVE formation was possible without loosing activity of the Ru catalyst even for the compounds with nucleophilic amine functions and this macrolactonization method via EVEs is useful for acid-/base-sensitive substrates. Expand