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Analysis of Genes for Succinoyl Trehalose Lipid Production and Increasing Production in Rhodococcus sp. Strain SD-74
It is proposed that alkane metabolism, sugar synthesis, and the addition of acyl groups are important for the biosynthesis of STLs, and a biosynthesis pathway for STLs from alkanes in Rhodococcus sp. Expand
A new genus and species of octocoral with aragonite calcium-carbonate skeleton (Octocorallia, Helioporacea) from Okinawa, Japan
A new genus and species of octocoral with a calcium-carbonate skeleton, Nanipora kamurai sp. Expand
Marine and estuarine fish diversity in the inner Gulf of Nicoya, Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Central America
A checklist of the marine and estuarine fishes of the inner part of the Gulf of Nicoya, Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Central America, was compiled by examining a museum fish collection, resulting inExpand
A “lost biodiversity” approach to revealing major anthropogenic threats to regional freshwater ecosystems
LBA was applied to two cases in Japan: the damselfly fauna of 56 agricultural ponds in a rural region sharing the same regional species pool and the freshwater fish fauna in the 13 largest river systems in Hokkaido, which includes multiple species pools. Expand
Temporal dynamics of fluvial fish community caused by marine amphidromous species in the Shubuto River, southwestern Hokkaido, Japan
We investigated the fluvial fish communities at 16 sites that cover the entire Shubuto River in northern Japan in July and September 2010. A total of 5,552.9 g of biomass and 980 individuals wereExpand
Redescription of the Temperate Seabass Lateolabrax latus from Yaku-shima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Japan with notes on riverine habitats.
June sampling surveys, conducted each year, revealed that high juvenile abundance in the bay occurred only when adult sandfish had been abundant in the Sea of Japan, off Akita and Aomori Prefectures. Expand
Noninvasive sampling of DNA from larval exuvia in diving beetles of the genera Cybister and Dytiscus
It is suggested that exuvia provides a good sample for extracting DNA from endangered diving beetle larvae without killing them. Expand
Fishes from the Tusubres River basin, Pacific coast, Costa Rica: checklist, identification key and photographic album
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Biological monitoring by citizens using Web-based photographic databases of fishes
Abstract The Internet has changed the way biologists communicate; this includes the collection of information on fish biology. This technological change may allow the possibility for biologicalExpand