Yusuke Matsuoka

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This paper describes a design approach to include and optimize Java based cryptographic applications into resource limited embedded devices.For easy prototyping and to be platform independent, the security applications are first developed in Java. Two Java cryptographic libraries, the Bouncy Castle API and the IAIK API are ported to a real embedded device(More)
In the development of medical skill training systems, the efficiency of the system and the provision of quantitative feedback information to the trainee are very important. Furthermore, usage of the simulated operation platform should be as realistic as possible. In order to satisfy these requirements, we developed a robot to be used for airway management(More)
This paper studies rich superstable phenomena in a nonautonomous piecewise constant circuit including one impulsive switch. Since the vector field of circuit equation is piecewise constant, embedded return map is piecewise linear and can be described explicitly in principle. As parameters vary the map can have infinite extrema with one flat segment. Such(More)
This paper overviews nonlinear dynamics of switching power converters which are common objects in dynamical system theory and power electronics. First, complex dynamics of single switching power converters is discussed. Their nonlinear switching can cause rich chaotic and bifurcation phenomena including complicated superstable periodic behavior in(More)
Airway management is a basic skill for emergency rescue. The operation of the bag valve mask (BVM) is also a key process. The BVM is used not only to provide oxygen but also to detect if the tracheal tube is inserted in the trachea or bronchus. Currently, there are many training platforms designed for training medical staff. Most of them can provide(More)
This paper studies a chaotic spiking oscillator consisting of two capacitors, two voltage-controlled current sources of signum shape and one impulsive switch. The vector field of circuit equation is piecewise constant and embedded return map is piecewise linear. Using the map parameter condition for chaos generation is given. Using a simple test circuit(More)
Neurologic examination takes an important role in diagnosis of the nerve system diseases. Neurologic medical staffs, especially the novices, need to be trained on this skill. There are many methodologies which can help to accumulate experiences, such as watching video, reading books, making use of the simulated patient (SP), and so on. However, the best way(More)
Neurological examinations are among the most important clinical skills to identify disorders in the neurological system at early stages. Training on neurological examination for inexperienced doctors plays an important role in improving accuracy of diagnosis. Such training programs have been conducted until now using physical simulators or simulated(More)