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Adults of the Japanese nine-spotted moth, Amata fortunei, are diurnal and have white-spotted black wings and a black-and-yellow striped body pattern. We evaluated whether this species uses sex pheromones and whether visual cues from the female body are used in mate recognition. We introduced extracts of potentially scent-bearing abdominal tips of females to(More)
The final goal of this study is to build an automatic speech evaluation system for Second Language English. Applying our automatic speech evaluation system, we aim to replicate by computer the subjective evaluation of speech characteristics done by trained language teachers, using objective measures. Therefore, to detect predictors of the subjective(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to clarify the relationship between feeling upon awakening (FA) and time spent using information technology (IT) devices by children in kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools in Shimane, Japan. METHODS In October 2008, a self-report survey was distributed to 2075 children in kindergartens (n =(More)
The purpose of this study is to create a new method of assessing individual learner differences in the contexts of language learning. Our questionnaire-type items used in this system are based on SILL Noels et al,'s (2000) SDT (self-determination theory: Ryan & Deci, 2000) questionnaire items. During an almost‫ޓ‬three-year research for 3,000 Japanese(More)
This paper introduces the construction, the implementation, and the evaluation of an automated scoring system for read-aloud speech of L2 learners'. In this system, evaluation scores given by trained human raters are predicted, based on the speech characteristics of learners in read-aloud speech. 1. Introduction To assess speaking is one of the important(More)
Since English has become a lingua franca in the world, English programs need to be based on International standards such as Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). (1) We report validation experiment by can-do self-check survey in relation to the CEFR levels, in order to find out the cutoff scores and ranges of our computer adaptive placement test(More)
Recent technological advancements have been changing our educational environments. Because of learning management systems and online communication tools, educators can create and tailor virtual learning environments relatively easily, and they can incorporate new-dimensional approaches into their practical teaching. The inevitable consequence is that L2(More)
In the field of speech recognition, attempts have been made to develop an automatic evaluation system for spoken language of second language (L2) learners. The models adopted in the previous studies are a multiple regression model where naturalness of speech is estimated by differences from the speech of the native speakers in the timing characteristics of(More)