Yusuke Kobashi

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Radon inhalation brings pain relief for chronic constriction injury- (CCI-) induced neuropathic pain in mice due to the activation of antioxidative functions, which is different from the mechanism of the pregabalin effect. In this study, we assessed whether a combination of radon inhalation and pregabalin administration is more effective against neuropathic(More)
—It could be very important and useful to enable human stress to be estimated on basis of quantitative values via objective analysis. There have been several approaches to estimate the stress so far. Most of them need a lot of time to measure or calculate it, and what is more, they might cause physical or mental burden for human subjects. The purpose of our(More)
Age-related changes in the neuronal uptake of noradrenaline were studied in the vas deferens of 4-, 12- and 20-months old rats by determining the potentiating effect of cocaine on concentration-effect curves to noradrenaline and by evaluating the kinetic parameters (Vmax and apparent Km) of neuronal 3H-noradrenaline uptake. Since the neurotransmitters(More)
1. The mechanism of 10 mM barium chloride-induced electrical and contractile responses of the guinea pig vas deferens was investigated using calcium channel blockers and by modifying the Na+ and Ca2+ concentrations of the nutritional solution. Isometric contraction and membrane depolarization were measured simultaneously by the sucrose-gap technique. 2. In(More)
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