Yusuke Kamiyama

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In this paper we introduce Oto-Shigure, an umbrella-shaped sound generator for musical expression. Attention of the music computing community hasn't been focusing on sound output but sound input.However, we argue that in order to make highly expressive sounds, it is significant to increase methods for sound output. Therefore, we developed the new(More)
This paper focuses on the creativity of painting in artistic creativities and aims to increase children's motivation in painting. This research assumes that fun through physical interactions increases the motivation for children to paint. We developed two approaches and implemented an iPhone application "The World is Canvas". This application allows users(More)
This paper proposes a Situation Design that designs not only the experience of behavior itself, but also the experience of the environment around the behavior. The research question of this paper is how to motivate children to paint. To find answers, we implemented an iPhone application. The app we came up with was The World Is Canvas; using it, one will be(More)
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