Yusuke Kameda

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This paper proposes an adaptive intra prediction method for DCT-based image coding. In this method, predicted values in each block are generated in spatial domain like the conventional intra prediction methods. On the other hand, prediction residuals to be encoded are separately calculated in DCT domain, i.e. differences between the original and predicted(More)
Superresolution is a technique to recover a high-resolution image from a low resolution image. We develop a variational superresolution method for the subpixel accurate optical flow computation using vari-ational optimisation. We combine variational superres-olution and the variational optical flow computation for the superresolution optical flow(More)
We develop a method for the optical flow computation from a zooming image sequence. The synchronisation of image resolution for a pair of successive images in an image sequence is a fundamental requirement for optical flow computation. In a real application, we are, however , required to deal with a zooming and dezooming image sequences, that is, we are(More)