Yusuke Kameda

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Scaling of Plane Figures That Assures Faithful Digitization p. 87 Computing Admissible Rotation Angles from Rotated Digital Images p. 99 On the Number of hv-Convex Discrete Sets p. 112 Finding the Orthogonal Hull of a Digital Object: A Combinatorial Approach p. 124 A Discrete Approach for Supervised Pattern Recognition p. 136 Image Representation,(More)
Superresolution is a technique to recover a highresolution image from a low resolution image . We develop a variational superresolution method for the subpixel accurate optical flow computation using variational optimisation. We combine variational superresolution and the variational optical flow computation for the superresolution optical flow computation.
In video images, apparent motions can be computed using optical flow estimation. However, estimation of the depth directional velocity is difficult using only a single viewpoint. Scene flows (SF) are three-dimensional (3D) vector fields with apparent motion and a depth directional velocity field, which are computed from stereo video. The 3D motion of(More)
In this paper, we analyse mathematical properties of spatial optical-flow computation algorithm. First by numerical analysis, we derive the convergence property on variational optical-flow computation method used for cardiac motion detection. From the convergence property of the algorithm, we clarify the condition for the scheduling of the regularisation(More)
This paper proposes a method to improve the prediction accuracy of motion compensation (MC) in video coding using block-wise and pixel-wise motion with little additional information. In general MC, block-wise motion vectors (MVs) are computed by block matching (BM), but these are not always suitable for motions such as local scaling and deformation. To(More)