Yusuke Izawa

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Carbonaceous aerosols influence the climate via direct and indirect effects on radiative balance. However, the factors controlling the emissions, transport and role of carbonaceous aerosols in the climate system are highly uncertain. Here we investigate organic tracers in ice cores from Greenland and Kamchatka and find that, throughout the period covered by(More)
Decarbonylation of furfural to furan was efficiently catalyzed by ZrO2 -supported Pd clusters in the liquid phase under a N2 atmosphere without additives. Although Pd/C and Pd/Al2 O3 have frequently been used for decarbonylation, Pd/ZrO2 exhibited superior catalytic performance compared with these conventional catalysts. Transmission electron microscopy and(More)
This paper highlights the behavior of microdroplets used for portable biosensors. Microdroplets have been applied for various Lab-on-a-chip applications, in which portability/wearable is becoming a trend word. However, the resonance (sloshing phenomena) of the microdroplets could be an issue. For example, bilayer lipid membrane, fragile characteristics due(More)
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