Yusuke Itoh

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D-Amino acids are now increasingly recognized as physiologically functional molecules and biomarkers in mammals. However, the amounts of D-amino acids are extremely low in most cases, thus highly sensitive and selective analytical methods are practically essential. In the present review article, enantioselective two-dimensional high-performance liquid(More)
The cytotoxicities of oxides, phosphates and sulphides, which possibly form on dental alloys, were tested using the 'agar method'. The relative magnitudes of the cytotoxicities of these compounds exhibited tendencies similar to those of the metal components in the compounds. In correlation with dental amalgams, zinc oxide was the most cytotoxic, just as(More)
We report results of H -band ( = 1.65 m) imaging observations of young intermediate-mass stars using the Subaru 8.2-m Telescope with the adaptive optics AO36 and the infrared coronagraph CIAO. The targets consist of 16 Herbig Ae/Be stars (15 Herbig Ae stars and one Herbig Be star) and four additional main-sequence stars with infrared excesses. Five(More)
We developed a balloon-borne, astronomical far-infrared interferometer telescope experiment (FITE), which is a Fizeau-type two-beam interferometer consisting of two off-axis parabolic mirrors. Therefore, it is important to establish a method by which the two beams can be simultaneously adjusted. A conventional Hartmann test was originally employed; however,(More)
D-amino acids are currently recognized as naturally occurring physiologically active substances and biomarkers in mammals. The progress of analytical technologies, mostly high resolution chromatographic or electrodriven separation methods, has significantly contributed to the advances in D-amino acid research in real biological matrices. In this review, we(More)
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