Yusuke Ide

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We have developed novel procedures for preparing human hair protein films (Pre-cast and Post-cast methods). The light brown films obtained by these procedures were too fragile to apply to human skin. We found that the film was also formed when the hair proteins extracted by the Shindai method were directly exposed to the solution containing MgCl(2),(More)
For a spatial characteristic, there exist commonly fat-tail frequency distributions of fragment-size and-mass of glass, areas enclosed by city roads, and pore size/volume in random packings. In order to give a new analytical approach for the distributions, we consider a simple model which constructs a fractal-like hierarchical network based on random(More)
The threshold network model is a type of finite random graphs. In this paper, we introduce a generalized threshold network model. A pair of vertices with random weights is connected by an edge when real-valued functions of the pair of weights belong to given Borel sets. We extend several known limit theorems for the number of prescribed subgraphs to show(More)
The silylation of K2Ti4O9 x nH2O with organosilanes (methyl, n-butyl, n-octyl, n-dodecyl, n-octadecyltrimethoxysilanes and n-octadecyldimethylmethoxysilane) was conducted using the octylammonium-exchanged form as the intermediate. The surface coverage of the octadecylsilylated derivative was controlled by changing the employing amounts of(More)
A new pathway for the preparation of mono-ruthenium (Ru)(iii)-substituted Keggin-type heteropolytungstates with an aqua ligand, [PW(11)O(39)Ru(iii)(H(2)O)](4-) (1a), [SiW(11)O(39)Ru(iii)(H(2)O)](5-) (1b) and [GeW(11)O(39)Ru(iii)(H(2)O)](5-) (1c), using [Ru(ii)(benzene)Cl(2)](2) as a Ru source was described. Compounds 1a-1c were prepared by reacting(More)
Single metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), constructed from the coordination between one-fold metal ions and organic linkers, show limited functionalities when used as precursors for nanoporous carbon materials. Herein, we propose to merge the advantages of zinc and cobalt metals ions into one single MOF crystal (i.e., bimetallic MOFs). The organic linkers(More)
Thediscrete timequantumwalkwhich is a quantumcounterpart of random walk plays important roles in the theory of quantum information theory. In the present paper, we focus on discrete time quantum walks viewed as quantization of random walks on the path. We obtain a weak limit theorem for the time averaged distribution of our quantum walks.