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The distributions and population densities of large benthic foraminifers (LBFs) were investigated on reef flats of the Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands. Annual sediment production by foraminifers was estimated based on population density data. Predominant LBFs were Calcarina and Amphistegina, and the population densities of these foraminifers varied with(More)
A new control method for magnetic levitation vehicles using linear induction motors is described. They can generate both thrust and attractive force. Selecting the voltage vectors of pulse-width-modulation (PWM) inverters appropriately allows decoupling control between the thrust and attractive force to be achieved. A module is constructed by four linear(More)
We have developed novel procedures for preparing human hair protein films (Pre-cast and Post-cast methods). The light brown films obtained by these procedures were too fragile to apply to human skin. We found that the film was also formed when the hair proteins extracted by the Shindai method were directly exposed to the solution containing MgCl(2),(More)
The application of layered solids for molecular recognition is summarized. By using layered solids (silicates, aluminosilicates, titanates, hydroxides, and so on), ions and molecules can be concentrated from aqueous and vapor phases. The large surface area and tunable surface properties derived from the layered structures contribute to molecular(More)
This review article describes the synthesis, modification, and function of lepidocrocite-type layered titanate (A(x)Ti(2-y)M(y)O4, A: A, interlayer cation; M, metal or vacancy). Due to the compositional variation, which affects cation exchange, semiconducting and swelling properties, lepidocrocite-type layered titanates have attracted increasing attention(More)
For a spatial characteristic, there exist commonly fat-tail frequency distributions of fragment-size and -mass of glass, areas enclosed by city roads, and pore size/volume in random packings. In order to give a new analytical approach for the distributions, we consider a simple model which constructs a fractal-like hierarchical network based on random(More)
Low-cost supercapacitors have the ability to rapidly store a large amount of charge, which makes them the best alternative to batteries in portable electronics. Here, we demonstrate the fabrication of all-carbon supercapacitors using an organic electrolyte. By using ZIF-derived nanoporous carbon electrodes, we have realized a high-performance supercapacitor(More)